Monday, February 13, 2017


H&M Sweatshirt and Boots
GU Geans
MAC Lipstick in Paramount

I had my first job interview (ever) today and it was awkwardly relaxed. The interviewer was really nice and he really looked like he enjoyed my stories and experiences. Although, I am also worried about whether or not I would be able to proceed to the next interview... I mean, he was so relaxed that the whole interview felt "wrong". Anyway, I wanted to go somewhere to let go of all the stress, and this was the look I went for. I've always liked high-waisted things and these high-waisted mom jeans from GU was both affordable and flattering on my body.  Plus, I just got that Brooklyn Cropped Sweatshirt from H&M a couple of weeks ago, so why not wear it? It looks like I'm trying to channel my inner emo, though.

For all of you who are currently doing Job-Hunting, know that I'm cheering you on! It's a really difficult time for us, but if other people could get a job, it means that you could also get a job. "If it's humanly possible, it is also possible for you." At least, that is what I believe in... 

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