Friday, February 24, 2017

Moschino Fall 2017 Ready to Wear

Inspiration can come from anywhere. This seems to be the mantra at Moschino for a while now, what with the McDonalds and glass cleaning supply inspired collection we've seen before. This season, they're inspired by many different things, including cardboard boxes, magazine scraps, carpets, bubble wraps, et cetera. By this point, your first initial thoughts may be the same as mine: why use all of these random items that one would usually ignore as inspiration to create fashionable pieces? My opinion is that Moschino never takes fashion too seriously. It's fun (as it should be) but it is also beautiful and artistic (also, as it should be). I'm also really excited for the small goods (phone cases, bags, fragrance, etc.) that could be launched from the same collection! 


  1. The collection is awesome! Thanks for sharing.

    x Merel

  2. Cool collection!

  3. Great post.